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Raja Rani

Raja Rani


20 October 2017 – A La Carte


Mrs G treated me to a post-work Friday curry at our favourite local Indian restaurant, Raja Rani!

I had to go for the Lamb Nihari – “Nihari is a stew consisting of slow cooked lamb pieces (on the bone and off the bone) along with bone marrow and host of Indian herbs and spices” – after hearing rave reviews about it.  The reviews were right, it was a truly delicious dish!  My favourite curry thus far? Perhaps.  If you like lamb curry, this is the one for you! 


Lamb Nihari


Mrs G went for the Chicken Tikka Jalandrhi – “Slightly spicy curry infused with ginger, garlic, green chillies and finished with coconut cream and mix pickle” – and really enjoyed it.  I’d had it before in one of our home deliveries from Raja Rani and she’d loved it so much she swore she’d order it next time.  She kept to her word!


Chicken Tikka Jalandrhi


We ordered our standard plain naan and fried rice – all the food was top notch!


Delicious warm, crispy naan


Flavoursome rice. Perfectly cooked.


How appetising does this look? Fantastic meal!



31 August 2017 – Another cheeky Pre-theatre!


My parents were visiting from Winchester so we simply had to take them out for a decent, local curry!

My dad opted for the haggis pakora to start.  And why not? He’s in Scotland and, arguably, the curry capital of the UK – he certainly would not find these in any curry houses down south! He loved them and we really enjoyed the one he let us share!


Haggis pakora


Mrs G went for the vegetable samosa.  It came with a helping of flavoursome dal on the side, which I was permitted to taste, and I’m told the samosa was delicious!


Vegetable samosa


My mum started with the fish pakora which I managed to forget to photograph!  She really enjoyed it, though, and the one she let me have was fantastic!  I started with the Bhuna Masala wings which were hot, flavoursome and cooked so the meat just needed to be teased from the bone.


Bhuna Masala wings


On to the mains and dad loved his chicken Bhuna.  My mum had the Sharabi (which I had last time and is reviewed below) and loved it!  I had the chicken tikka Satrangi and it was excellent – I think my favourite to date from Raja Rani!

Mrs G ordered the chicken tikka Shakuli expecting it to be hot as we had mixed it up with the Shakuti.  It arrived and was tasty, but mild, and we realised our mistake.  Hats off to Raja Rani as, when we explained our mistake, they replaced it with the Shakuti which is not even on the Pre-theatre menu!  Now that is customer service (and also proof that the customer is not always right!)!


Chicken Bhuna


Chicken Tikka Satrangi


Chicken Tikka Shakuli (before it was swapped for the Shakuti!)


Another fine meal from Raja Rani!  We will go A La Carte next time as the selection is enormous! 


11 August 2017 – Dinner


Having heard and seen nothing but good reviews of Raja Rani, a new curry restaurant in Bearsden, we decided to give it a go and booked ourselves in for a Pre-Theatre – £11.50 for 2 courses (a good selection of tempting dishes!).

On arrival (just before 6 on a Friday night, in order to take advantage of Pre-Theatre deal) we were greeted by the friendly manager (I forget his name) who showed us to a booth.  I asked him about the restaurant and he explained it was an independent restaurant set up by him and some friends.  I’d heard various rumours about connections to Ashoka West End and Garvie & Co so it was good to put them to rest and refreshing to hear that Raja Rani was an independent place.

We ordered some drinks (Kingfisher on tap!) and poppadoms with spiced onions to pick at while we pored over the Pre-Theatre menu.  Unlike some Pre-Theatre deals, Rana Raji offers a fantastic selection of starters and main courses within the deal, pretty much any of which I would happily order!  The poppadoms were tasty, crispy and fresh and the onions were delicately spiced and delicious – a great start!




Spiced onions


The waiter then presented us with a wee taster from the chef, a couple of spicy potato and vegetable balls.  This unexpected treat was delicious and deposited some lovely flavours on our palates, leaving us in anticipation of what further treats lay ahead!


Spicy Potato Balls


We eventually decided on what to tackle.  I started with the Tandoori Lamb Chops and was very impressed – the spicy flavours were delicious and the charred bits of the lamb added some crispy bliss to the perfectly cooked (slightly pink) chops!  They were served with a lovely minty raita and refreshing coleslaw.  


Tandoori Lamb Chops


Mrs G went for the Vegetable Pakora, a firm favourite of ours, and loved them.  They were fresh and clean tasting with a lovely flavour of spiced vegetables, and without that oily texture you can get with pakora in some places.  She even let me have one, which I dipped in the spicy sweet and sour sauce, and I agreed with her assertion that they were excellent! 


Vegetable Pakora


On to the main event and my Chicken Tikka Sharabi, which I eventually settled on as it was recommended by Raja Rani, was excellent!  Cooked with ginger, garlic, peppers, onions and red wine, the depth of flavour was impressive.  The tikka chicken was flavoursome and succulent and the sauce had a lovely kick without being too hot. A lovely curry dish which I would happily have again and again.


Chicken Tikka Sharabi


Mrs G opted for Chicken Tikka Spicy Jalfrezi (peppers, onions, tomatoes and chillies) which she really enjoyed.  There is a creamy Jalfrezi option on the menu but Mrs G loves a spicy curry and this was no different.  Fresh, spicy flavours combined with the chicken tikka pieces resulting in a delicious curry dish which she wolfed down.


Chicken Tikka Spicy Jalfrezi


The Pre-Theatre deal includes a side each so, between us, we ordered fried rice and plain naan (different rices and naans are available for a small premium).  These sundries were up to the same high standard of the preceding dishes – the naan, in particular, was excellent!


Plain Naan


Fried Rice


We were very impressed with our first experience at Raja Rani and look forward to many more!


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