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Lychee Oriental

Lychee Oriental


27 October 2017


We had been wanting to try Jimmy Lee’s Lychee Oriental for some time so when Mrs G suggested a “pay-day Chinese”, Lychee Oriental won the vote!

Our table was nearer to the back of the busy restaurant – there was a hubbub of activity from waiting staff carrying drinks and amazing-looking plates of food to groups of friends on a night out and couples sitting at tables.  It was a friendly, lively atmosphere which I liked very much.

We went straight to mains and Mrs G decided on the “Stir fried beef with fresh asparagus in chilli garlic”.  This was a very tasty dish indeed, Mrs G loved it!  The flavours of the chilli and the asparagus in the sweet, sticky sauce with pieces of tender beef was a fantastic combination. 


Stir fried beef with fresh asparagus in chilli garlic


I eventually decided on the “Morning Glory extra mature rib-eye beef”, but there were many things on the menu that I was tempted by – we’ll just have to come back!  It was delicious.  A delicately spiced dish with some nice fresh veg and tender pieces of rib-eye, it was a winner!  


Morning Glory extra mature rib-eye beef


We ordered egg-fried rice, plain noodles and Thai spicy crackers on the side and prawn crackers came as standard.  Everything was spot on – a really good meal all in all.




If, like us until yesterday, you’ve not yet been to Lychee Oriental, give it a go – you won’t be disappointed!



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