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Grace & Favour

Grace & Favour


29 December 2017


We woke to a thick blanket of snow and the only way I could get Mrs G out of bed was to bribe her with a brunch at Grace & Favour, a local Bearsden café.  The virginal snow was crunchy under foot and the fact that no grit had been spread made for an entertaining walk watching cars and vans getting half way up the hill (Pendicle Road) before reversing all the way back down again!

This relaxing, friendly café at Bearsden Cross (snowy on the day, per below pic) does fantastic tea, coffee, pastries etc.  We have been in a few times before and tended to have the Eggs Benedict / Royale (which are great by the way) so decided to have something ever-so-slightly different this time…!


Bearsden Cross in the snow


Mrs G went for the poached eggs with smoked salmon whilst I decided on the poached eggs with bacon.  As I said above, only ever-so-slightly different to the norm!  The eggs were cooked perfectly and the yolks oozed slowly out when prodded.  They came with a sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper which I thought was a nice touch.


Poached eggs with smoked salmon


Poached eggs with bacon


We both opted for sourdough toast which was just lovely.  The smoked salmon was tasty and not scrimped on, a wee squeeze of lemon delivered fresh citrus and delivered the classic combination very well.  The bacon was grilled nicely and was good quality and flavoursome, if a little on the cool side.

I’d definitely recommend this place and we’re certainly glad that it’s only a short trudge through the snow!


Good eggs



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