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Garvie & Co, Milngavie

Garvie & Co, Milngavie

17 June 2017

We took Mrs G’s dad out for a Father’s Day (well, the day before Father’s Day in order to avoid the throngs and the fixed menus!) steak, having decided to try the Josper grill at Garvie & Co.  A Josper grill ( is a charcoal-fired oven / grill which cooks quickly and at a high temperature with the aim of keeping meats juicy and tender with a charcoal flavour.

Mrs G’s dad started with the carrot & coriander soup which he enjoyed very much.  He said it was nicely spiced so I suspect it may have had cumin in it, too, albeit I didn’t get a taste!  Mrs G and I shared some crusty bread with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip which was pleasant enough.


Carrot & coriander soup


Bread & dip


Onto the main event and we all had rib-eyes, albeit I was the only one to upgrade it to a surf ‘n’ turf with the addition of grilled king prawns.  The steaks came with onion rings in a lovely, light batter, skin-on fries, leaves, mushroom and tomato (although you can’t see the latter two very well in the photo- sorry!).  There is a choice of sauces and I’d opted for garlic butter and herb.


Rib-eye surf ‘n’ turf


The steak came, as ordered, medium-rare (which is how I like my rib as it gives enough heat to cook / render the fat) and was very tasty.  Not a particularly thick steak, which would be my preference, but cooked well and tasty nonetheless, especially with the addition of the garlic butter.  The prawns complimented the steak very well; I love surf ‘n’ turf! The onion rings were delicious – nice and light with no grease running down my chin!  Tasty fries, mushroom, tomato and salad leaves, too.

A good price-point for a pretty good steak – we’ll certainly be back!

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