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Amore Merchant City

Amore Merchant City


28th April 2018


We hadn’t been to Amore for years and years, so when we were invited in to experience the offering we jumped at the chance!

Located on the edge of Strathclyde University campus, the restaurant was packed with lunch-goers when we arrived and the atmosphere was buzzing.  We were shown to a table near the back of the restaurant and were able to see the chefs at work through the internal kitchen window.


Packed with patrons


We had soon ordered and were sipping at the obligatory bottle of Sangiovese – good start!  Mrs G decided to start with the Mozarella Cubes which were deep-fried in breadcrumb and served with a Napoli dip.  She really enjoyed these and found some pretty spicy tastiness in the dip – some sunken chili remnants were raised from the bottom for maximum enjoyment!


Mozzarella Cubes


I opted to to try the Caprese Salad – a simple, flavoursome dish which tests the quality of the limited number of ingredients.  The mozzarella came as one big ball which I quite liked, actually.  It was good quality and, combined with the basil (and other herbs), tomato, olive oil and balsamic dressing of the salad, delicious!  A nice, fresh way to start off.


Caprese Salad


Next up, Mrs G had chosen the Cozze Alla Siciliana – mussels in a tomato and herb sauce.  She absolutely loved this dish and finished up every last morsel (other than the one mussel she had afforded me to try)!  She says she would definitely order this again.  Not the best photo I’ve ever taken – sorry – as the portion size was generous! 


Cozze Alla Siciliana


I went with the Penne Del Femio, a house special presumably named after Eufemio Perella, a pasta dish with Italian sausage in a sauce made with onion, garlic, chili, white wine and ragu.  I quite enjoyed this dish albeit couldn’t finish it after the starter (whilst planning to keep room for dessert!).


Penne Del Femio


Whilst Mrs G was incapable of eating any more, I greedily pointed to the Tiramisu on the dessert menu.  It was lovely and moist and not too strong on the coffee front.  I really enjoyed it and washed it down with an espresso macchiato.




All in all we enjoyed our visit and extend our thanks to Elaine at BLK and the team at Amore.  It has a wide and varied menu which will cater for all tastes and ages – a good way to spent a lazy afternoon with friends / family.  Grazie! 


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